Access Database

I've been writing and coding Access databases since it's introduction, having cut my teeth on BBC Basic and then dBase. Several of my databases have been used by businesses in critical applications.

These are some of the forums I use to help me:


  • Windows Secrets website and lounge
  • Eileen's Lounge. The best general Windows forum used to be Woody's lounge but this merged with Windows' Secrets. The lounge unfortunately became rather large and some of the original Woody's folk set up a rival lounge that is much more informal and friendly.
  • Portable Freeware does what it says on the tin!
  • Technibble
  • The Windows Club
  • Ed Bott's Windows Experience.


  • Komposer is the best graphic website designer and editor, and is free
  • Komposer forum

Tiddly Wiki

Wikis are free-format containers for information gathering, the best known being Wikipedia. Tiddly wikis have been designed so that all the information is held in a single html file that can be read on any computer with a browser.

I use a Tiddly wiki to keep track of all my own information.


I have been interested in photography for most of my life. Having used Practika (yes that old), Olympus PenD and A, Pentax ME's and MX and Nikon F801 during the film era, I moved to an Olympus E520 for digital.