This is our Zoo

Near Ollerton

Mia at Ollerton Mia at Ollerton

Photos 21/10/2012 © Anna Parton

Blidworth Woods

The dogs

Photo © 2012 Anna Parton

Relaxing at home

The dogs

Meg and Mia relaxing at home in the sunshine.

In Woods near Rainworth

Mia Meg

Mia on the left and Meg. October 2011

Photos © 2011 Anna Parton

Our Newest Resident


This is the first photo of our newest animal. Mia is just 12 weeks old (June 2010) and is a miniature longhaired Dachshund.

Anna has wanted a puppy of this breed for several years and we have been bored into submission. There again, it is difficult to ignore those puppy eyes.

Mia's full KC name is Torwood One 'n Only.

The Dogs

Anna with the dogs

This is my daughter Anna with Meg, the Patterdale Terrier, and Barney, our Bichon Frise.


Barney, our Bichon Frise, who died in 2010.

Top Cat

Sammy Top Cat

This is Sammy. Amongst the cats and dogs he is the boss.

The Rabbbits

Alt text Alt text

Peaches on the left and Bramble on the right.